Four on Thursday

On this dreary day, I'm looking for layers.  And lots of 'em.


Everything about this sweater is great.  Wool, contrast hem and cuffs, subtle stripe pattern, and a turtleneck.  These are a few of my favorite things.


Longer length tees are great for the weekends when you can layer them over leggings or ponte pants and not have to worry about a lack of coverage.  This tee comes in several colors and is just sheer enough that you can layer under or not.


My closet is full of tweed - blazers, skirts, jackets.  But no pants.  This pant is an unexpected way to add texture to your outfit and the gray color is the perfect neutral to match with almost anything.


Long gloves are a great investment because you can wear them while it's still above freezing and add some chicness to your look.  They would look great with a bracelet length jacket or a 3/4 sleeve sweater.  And I'm never one to complain about additional warmth.

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