Four on Thursday

This morning I pulled on a coat, gloves, and a scarf (for warmth, not just to look awesome) and now I'm hearing weather forecasts up north are calling for snow.

Looks like that whole Indian summer thing is gone.

Might I suggest hot spiked beverages  to help you through this difficult time.


Blouses are great for layering, great to wear on their own.  I have approximately 4 white button-ups, which is excessive, I know, so branching out to something like this embellished top is a new way to go.


My search for a structured, black bag that I can carry to work has long been fruitless.  It seems like a simple item, but those are usually the hardest to find.  While I am smitten with the new Petra Collection from Everlane, I just can't spend $325+ on a bag, so this croc beauty is a nice option.


As soon as it gets cold out (below 60 degrees is cold, fyi - my year in Miami ruined any immunity to cold that 18 winters in New England had given me), my ideal weekend day is curling up on the couch in super comfortable leggings and a cozy sweater.  It's even better if these items are acceptable to wear when you are forced to leave the house, which this sweater definitely is.


Holiday!  Celebrate!  Ok, enough Madonna (as if there's such a thing), but holiday party season is quickly approaching and having a festive, but simple sheath dress is perfect for going straight from the office to that party.  This one is from Forever 21 but bears a striking resemblance to a DvF frock I spotted at TJ Maxx last night.  And that baby wasn't $30.

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