Currently Reading: Kafka on the Shore

Much like my last Murakami read, 1Q84, Kafka on the Shore is about two seemingly unrelated people whose paths slowly weave towards each other.

Kafka Tamura (not his real name) is a 15 year old runaway, leaving his home and his father forever.  He has prepared for this moment for a long time, collecting the things he will need and training both his mind and body for the hardships that he knows lie ahead.

Mr. Nakata is an older gentleman who, due to an accident in his childhood, is dumb.  He cannot read or write and has difficulty understanding simple concepts.  While his skill set may be limited, he does have the ability to talk to cats and therefore, makes his living by finding lost pets.  

When Kafka's father is found brutally murdered after his son has run away, Kafka cannot be completely sure that he isn't somehow responsible.  The night of the murder, Kafka blacked out and awoke in a bush, covered in blood.  

Nakata finds himself drawn into a series of unfortunate events, where he too, must leave his home.  His adventures lead him on the same journey that Kafka had taken just days earlier.

The story is wonderful, the characters are intriguing, and the plot becomes more and more complex with every chapter.  Who are these people really?  And what is it they are seeking by running away?

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