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We open with Dellarobia Turnbow, lonely housewife and mother of two, about to have an affair.  As she makes the trip to the designated meeting place, she is suddenly stopped in her tracks.  Looking down into a valley, she sees it is on fire.  Then she realizes that a forest fire would be loud, but this is almost eerily quiet.  The trees are orange and aflame, but with what she cannot tell.  This sight, this "miracle", makes her rethink her movements and turn back around, away from the affair.

And what were those trees covered with?  Monarch butterflies, of course, having changed their normal migration patterns and settling in the southern Appalachians.  

Kingsolver always tells a great story, with strong and complex female characters.  She also tells a story less commonly told and that is one of ecological awareness and protection.  Rather than coming across as preachy, she manages to weave the message into the story without making it overbearing.

Both a woman and these butterflies change their flight behavior and I'm looking forward to finding out where it will take them.

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