Currently Reading: The Secret History

Recently, it seemed that everyone I know (and by "know", I mean "follow on social media") was fah-reaking out about The Goldfinch.  I had no idea what they were talking about, hadn't heard about the release of that book, and wasn't familiar with the author.  So, as the avid reader that I am, I decided to change that.  And in more ways than just putting a hold on The Goldfinch at the library (currently #114 in line), but by reading something else by Donna Tartt.

The Secret History is set at a small liberal arts college in Vermont, so I already felt at home.  Our main character, Richard, finds himself drawn into a group at school who study the classics and nothing else.  They are all wealthy, cultured, and odd.  While they somewhat accept Richard, he is isolated from certain parts of their lives, until he is completely enveloped into the scandal of what has occurred.

Sex, lies, murder, and drugs are all prevalent here, but I wouldn't say the novel is thrilling.  It's much more slowly-paced, deliberate, highfalutin.  Through its' characters, the story is overly intellectual, but in a good way - if that makes sense.  This is a dense one and a long read, but I was enraptured the whole time, wondering what exactly happened, who knew what, and how the consequences would play out.

I've joined the ranks of those who can't wait to read The Goldfinch.  

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