Four on Thursday

1 // I'm sick of layering, but am inexplicably drawn to this vest.  I see it going over a dress for brunch.  Topping off a tank and denim cutoffs.  I see summer.

2 //  Dressing for work in the summer is terrible.  It's melty outside and the office is freezing thanks to the wonder of air-conditioning.  This pencil skirt might be great for combating both of those things.  The eyelet is really cute, but I like that it's in black rather than the typical white.

3 // Apparently, I'm on a black and white kick today.  No apologies because I LOVE this dress.  The wrap cut, the pattern, the v-neck, the nipped in waist, the sleeves, I love it all and would wear it everywhere.  And when I say everywhere, I mean ev-ry-wh-ah.

4 // Navy is my other go-to.  BR is making this blouse in several colors and it looks like a great cut that's perfect for the office in warmer weather.  Wear it under a blazer or cardigan for work and on its own afterwards.  

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