Four on Thursday

I thought it would never come.  With the deluge of snow days, frigid temperatures, and biting winds, hoping for spring felt like a cruel joke.  But it's here, we survived, and I'm ignoring the fact that we may get more snow next week.

My legs are bare (and pale, oh so pale) and the sun is out.  Yes, I'm drinking hot tea and sitting at my desk with my heating pad, but we've got to take what we can get.

1 // If you give me an easy throw and go sundress AND you put stripes on it, I'm yours.  There's a cute layering thing going on here too, which looks like it has great movement.

2 // I'm so psyched that thicker heels are in again.  A sandal that I can actually walk around in is all I ever want.  The thick ankle strap and buckle combination keep these interesting, but simple at the same time.  Also in white here.

3 // Is peplum still a thing?  I hope so because I wore it yesterday and because this top is gorgeous.  It was originally $268, so you're getting a damn good price, too.  The v-neck and seams will make this super flattering.  And it's navy.  Game over.

4 // I can't speak to the quality of this shirt, but $35 for a silk blouse is insane.  It also comes in a bright turquoise and a coral.  Just to compare, the silk blouse at J. Crew is $140.  So, there's that.

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