Friday's Fancies: Green

I am very much looking forward to the weekend and to some warm-ish temperatures.  I kept thinking that as long as I made it through February, things would get better.  Spring would come, the sun would stay out, and everything wool I own could be packed away.  March would be the start of everything new.  Green would return, patios would open, and walks outside would be pleasant again.

Here we are.

Friday's Fancies: Green

Friday's Fancies: Green by smartificial featuring floral wreaths

I don't actually wear green very often.  Maybe it's because of the combination of being Irish and having some pretty intense freckles makes the addition of green sort of unnecessary.  Regardless, here are some ways that I might incorporate more green into my life.  I'd either go all out, like the coat or printed pants, or just have an accent of it from the shoes or earrings.  At home, a good throw pillow goes a long way and fresh flowers make everything better.

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