Four on Thursday

I took a personal day yesterday and it did wonders.  I've felt overwhelmed and anxious lately, so I really just needed a day to relax and get some things done that had fallen by the wayside.

Despite sleeping in and maybe watching "Magic Mike", I did managed to do the huge closet clean-out that I've been wanting to do for weeks now.  I took everything (and dear god there is so much) out of my closet, vacuumed in there, and very slowly and deliberately put things back in, making sure to edit as I did.  There's now two giant bags of stuff to bring to my next clothing swap, a much more organized space, and a little less stress in my day to day.

It's already working - this morning I put on a cardigan that I had all but forgotten about until I found it yesterday.  A cashmere cardigan.  Unacceptable.

And the bonus of having a cleaned out closet?  More space for new things!

1 // Hit snooze a few too many times?  Daunted by the thought of combining a top and a bottom?  Your solution is the shirtdress.  It's comfortable, it looks put-together, and it requires virtually no thought, which is the hat trick of what I need these dark mornings.

2 // I bought Zella's basic black live-in leggings and have only taken them off to bathe, so you know they're good.  Sometimes though, I want something a little different, maybe to show off in yoga class.  The static print, mesh calves, and neon orange graphic lines are pretty attention-getting.

3 // I have this dream where I'm in a flowy white dress, wandering through the farmer's market, filling this straw tote with fresh vegetables, fruit, and sunflowers.  It sounds a lot like a tampon commercial actually.  But the bag is solid.

4 // Originally, I thought this dress was navy, which led to a serious heart-palpitation.  It's actually black, but it's still pretty cute.  The longer length and lace (instead of cut-outs) make this a more age-appropriate sundress for me.  

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