Four on Thursday

Blacks and blues today.

1 // Skinny sweatpants may be an oxymoron, but stick with me here.  Lately, we've decided that it's cool to leave your house in your pajamas, assuming those pajamas are well-tailored.  This will seriously cut down on my getting ready time.

2 // My toes don't remember the feel of sunlight and they're in for a rude awakening.  I like the simplicity of these heels, as well as the thicker heel which may even make them walkable.

3 // Are you sick of all my earrings picks yet?  Good, me neither.  I've got a black tie optional wedding coming up soon and think that these studs may be the perfect accessory.

4 // Last, but not least, I'm in need of a work wardrobe refresh and am looking to add some classic shift dresses.  I love this navy one from Land's End (comes in other colors, too) and did I mention it has pockets?  Somebody over there is paying attention.

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