I'm going to take a little break from the blog.  I've got a lot of... life going on right now and I need some time and some space away from this place to deal with it.  Lately, this space has felt more like a chore than the fun and creative outlet that it started out as and like I want it to be.  I'm hoping that by taking April off, working on myself, and just stepping back a bit, will leave me reinvigorated and excited to blog again.

April should be a big month for me.  I'm traveling several weekends and hope to use that time to recharge my batteries, both in terms of blogging and just life in general.  When things get heavy, I tend to withdraw and that's sort of what this is.  

And now that I've officially become one of those bloggers who gives you a vague post about how difficult their life is, without any real details, I feel like I can sign off for now.

Thank you to everyone who reads this.  You guys are amazing and I hope to be back in May with fresh content and really, really attractive outfit posts.  In the meantime, you can still find me saying random things on Twitter and posting the occasional Instagram photo with an inappropriately long caption.

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