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This Blog - Livs Lyst
While looking for a photo to use for this post, I found this absolutely stunning blog.  The pictures are incredibly beautiful and the use of light is amazing.  It's in Norwegian, so rock that Google Translate. 

In Mississippi, a 16-year old girl gave birth to a stillborn child and was charged with homicide.  The story is, of course, more complicated than that, but this case, and many other "fetal harm" cases, can set a dangerous precedent for future cases.

This TV Show - Bates Motel
I'm only two episodes in, but it's fantastic.  Vera Farmiga is terrifying, Freddie Highmore is creepy/strange/adorable, and the mood is perfect disturbing.  

This Movie - The Hunt
I watched this over the weekend and thought it completely deserving of its Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.  Mads Mikkelsen gives a beautiful, nuanced performance and the film itself shows the darker side of small town life and the people who live it.

This Band - Chad Valley
Chad Valley opened up for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (also great) last Friday night at the 930 Club and he was amazing.  His voice is absurd.  Such a beautiful voice and show and great dance tunes.  I'm hoping he comes back soon and plays somewhere like Rock and Roll Hotel or U Street Music Hall.

This Dress - Eliza J
I'm in love.  It's so gorgeous and apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so as they only have it in stock in a size 6 right now.  But those colors and the way it moves.  Damn, girl.

This Website - Television Without Pity
NBC Universal is canning Daily Candy, but on top of that, Television Without Pity is getting the ax too.  I first discovered it at my very first office job.  It got me through the tedium then, and does the same job now.  I'm really bummed about this.  But hopefully, all of its thoughtful, smart, witty, brilliant writers will land new gigs elsewhere.

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