Smartificial Review: Kumari Luxury Hair Oil Therapy

What's the perfect way to spend a rainy weekend?  Pampering yourself, duh.  Luckily, I had the opportunity to try out Kumari's Luxury Hair Oil this past weekend.  Well, let's start at the beginning.

My hair care routine is lacking.  I've always been a wash and go girl, and only started brushing my hair in the past few years.  Before you start thinking that's crazy, I opted for my natural curls and waves and brushing only made them frizzy.  My naturals waves have softened recently, so brushing became an option again.  But I digress.

In short, I'm easy and I don't use very many products.  I had heard about oil treatments before, and every once in a blue moon, I would do one myself, usually using olive oil.  The olive oil worked really well, but the only downside was that I was always sure my head smelled like lasagna, even after two or three shampoos to remove it all.  Not a good look.

When Kumari sent me a sample to try, I was psyched to see if it would give me the same results with the added bonus of not smelling like an Olive Garden.  

I followed the directions, placing about 15 drops of oil on my crown of my head, and then about another 15 drops on the body of my hair.  I took my time massaging it in, definitely enjoying this whole spa experience I was giving myself.  After a good, solid scalp massage, I braided my hair and went about my business for the next half hour (I wore a crappy t-shirt during this process as I didn't want to worry about getting oil on my clothes).  

After 30 minutes, I hopped in the shower and shampooed twice to get everything out.  I let my hair air-dry, as usual, and was really pleased with how soft my hair felt to the touch and with the shine that I had.  My hair definitely looks and feels better, with the added bonus of not smelling like an Italian restaurant!  I'm really happy with the results and will likely make this a habit. 

Let me know if you've tried any hair oils and if you try Kumari, what do you think?

*Disclosure: Kumari sent me a sample free of charge to try out.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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