For Your (Weekend) Consideration

You guys, I watched The Normal Heart last night and if you haven't, you need to do the same immediately.  It was so well done and on such an important issue.  I've never been a big Jim Parsons fan, but he stole every scene he was in.  Also, Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins, Texas forever) is a human Ken doll.  It's sweeping the Emmys, called it.

These are good tips for staying active without "working out", but I mostly appreciate the GIFs.

A friend of mine is a sports writer and I love this article of his about the vitriol of sports fans.

An epic rap battle between Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King was not something I realized I needed.  Until I saw it.

I have a Brie Larson obsession that only grows.  She and Shailene Woodley are embracing an anti-starlet mentality that is awesome to watch.  I especially like how neither of them will ever play "just the girlfriend".

Is anyone else fascinated by what smart people read?  

DT went to show me this article and my reaction was pretty much "already read it, already annoyed".

Poetry isn't a medium I often reach for and I was completely unaware of the concept of the "viral poem", but this is one of the most moving and powerful pieces of writing I've come across in a long time.

I spend too much of my time rallying against the wedding-industrial complex and love that this couple went the digital route in an inexpensive way.

Just to end things on the right note, enjoy this Buzzfeed quiz that will tell you how much you hate children.  Turns out, I think kids are "ok".  Spot on, Buzzfeed, spot on.

Have a great weekend!


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