Four on Thursday

I switched to morning workouts this week in the hopes that it would free up my evenings, but my evenings have been just as full with errands and laundry and never-ending cleaning.  How do I become one of those people who doesn't work?  I need time to get things done!  In positive news, I bought new shoe racks a couple weeks ago to replace my broken, half-falling over one and my closet has never looked better.  Also, I have way too many shoes.  Let's talk about dresses instead.

1 // For whatever reason, I've been having a terrible time trying to find dresses for the weddings I'm going to this summer.  It shouldn't be this hard!  Luckily, I saw this gorgeous dress this morning and think it may solve my problem.  Navy eyelet is a summer classic and while I can dress it up for a wedding or two, it's also a dress I can wear any day of the week.

2 // I keep seeing palm print everywhere and it has grown on me, pun intended.  This dress is a cute and inexpensive way to try out the trend.  In a simple shape, it would be perfect for cocktails or a patio brunch.

3 // My ring collection has dwindled over the years.  I lost two on a tubing trip a few years ago and haven't done very much replacing.  My standard look is just my Claddagh ring, but I'm looking to add.  These have a vintage feel and are an easy way to add a pop of color (are we so sick of this phrase yet?  Because I am, but what else am I supposed to say!?).

4 // Cover-ups take up a solid portion of my summer closet, which is sort of silly because I only wear them on vacation or on the weekends at the pool.  In the spirit of simplification, sometimes all you need is a classic, white button-up.  The tunic length of this one from LL Bean is perfect.  Toss it over your bathing suit with some flat sandals and you're good to go.


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