For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Today is the day.  I'm headed home for a childhood friend's wedding, some time spent at my beach house in Maine, and a 4th of July weekend at DT's family beach house.  We're sort of spoiled that way.  I'm just going to get as much summer as I can over these next 10 days, with seafood and ice cream and cocktails and as much time as possible spent outside.  I'll be back in this space on July 8th, but will duck in next week to share my July playlist with you.  

Have a wonderful weekend and a great July 4th!

Pedro Pascal, why are you so wonderful?  I miss you so.

What does beauty look like around the world?  No surprise, my favorites are the ones with the fewest changes.

The US Men's National Team may have lost to Germany, but we still advanced to the knockout stage.  The best way to celebrate this is to look at Kyle Beckerman's amazing engagement photos.

A long read, but a great informational and historical guide on why taxis are so anti-Uber and other car-sharing companies.

An interesting take on why we let bad behavior slide for male celebrities while anything less than perfection from female celebrities is cause for a major take down.

This article breaking down Nicholas Sparks' films is everything I've ever wanted to write.  Now, who wants to pay me to do stuff like this?

I'm sure you've all heard it by now, but Sam Smith's cover of "How Will I Know" is pretty beautiful.

Three senators are introducing bills that would not allow people convicted of domestic abuse or stalking to purchase firearms.  This comes after Gabby Giffords called gun violence a women's issue.  Looking at the statistics, it's easy to see why.  (And of course, the NRA is lobbying against these bills.  In the words of Lewis Black, I'd have a joke about that, but it makes me too angry.)

The punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.

Love this commercial.  Hate that it needs to be made.

My biggest pet peeve while driving is people who pick a lane (usually the wrong one) and don't move out of it.  This explains why that behavior creates huge traffic issues.

Put down the phone, white boys.


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