For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Woof, what a week.  I'm looking forward to a sort of busy, sort of laid-back weekend.  There's lots on my plate, but I've carved out some time for workouts aka stress-free time.  The thought of grilling out on my friend's amazing rooftop tonight will get me through this workday!

Despite all that Hilary Clinton has accomplished, we still discuss her hair and outfit choices as if those are the most important things about her.  However, maybe that's not the worst thing.

While I'm still debating how I feel about that Clinton article, it did lead me to this amazing blog.

With all of the Terry Richardson press and discussion lately, this piece stood out to me.

Missing Game of Thrones already?  Looking through the cast's Instagram won't make the next season come any quicker, but at least it's entertaining.

Americans are actually watching the World Cup!

Sexual assault on college campuses is an issue that has been under the microscope lately.  Jezebel explores what happens when that assault is perpetrated by a varsity athlete and victims possibly have an entire network of alumni shaming them.

Do you watch way too much tv (like I do)?  Do you argue over which season of The Wire is the best (4, duh)?  This article is for you.

Whitney Houston, Calvin Harris, AND Betty Who on one amazing mash-up?  Get me to a dance floor stat!

It's Zara sale time.  Goodbye, paycheck.

Enjoy your weekend, have some fun, and I'll be back here on Monday!


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