Four on Thursday

1 // Summer is all about ease.  It's about slowing down and enjoying life.  I try and bring that same attitude to getting dressed.  As much as I love layers, simplicity is my favorite for summer.  Throw it on and go.  A top like this takes you everywhere, it matches everything, and it fits with almost every occasion.  

2 // A college acquaintance recently got married and I was internet stalking the photos, as one does, when I saw a girl wearing this dress.  I immediately loved it, but assumed I would never know its origins.  Until I was poking around on Zara the other day and there it was.  The combination of patterns in two of my favorite colors is almost too much to handle.

3 // After spending Saturday walking approximately a thousand miles, a good walking sandal has been on my mind.  Never did I think "Easy Spirit" would show up on this blog, yet here it is.  The gold plate dresses it up a bit, but you basically have a flat you can wear all day, no matter how far you're walking.

4 //  Have you noticed I'm into black and white?  Ergo, I'm obsessed with this dress.  It looks uber-comfy, adorable, and just generally like everything I've ever wanted.  


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