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Canceling our cable was a really good decision.  I'm spending less time zoning out on the couch watching stuff that I don't care about and more time being productive, like with yoga or eating cooking.

Also, we've been trying out lots of new tv series, like Luther, Generation Kill, and getting back into Deadwood.  And lots and lots of movies, like these:

Star Trek Into Darkness - The first JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was great.  Lots of fun, great action, a sense of humor about itself.  This one, not so much.  It managed to make Benedict Cumberbatch a waste of a villain.  Also, why is Zoe Saldana's character's whole job to make phone calls?  A boring excuse for an action movie, this sequel lost all of the spark of its predecessor. (Available on Netflix).

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me // Oh, this was hard for me to watch.  Elaine Stritch was fabulous - this we know.  She was funny and brassy and didn't give a damn what you thought of her.  When this documentary was made a few years ago, she was also old, sometimes sick, and often scared.  To see someone so full of life come to terms with their aging and their mortality is a beautiful and a terrible thing to watch.  She touched so many people's lives and loved performing right up to the very end.  Watch this and watch a comedy and musical legend in action. (Available on Netflix).

Guardians of the Galaxy // It makes sense that this is the biggest grossing movie of 2014.  It was fun.  Like, really fun.  The story follows a ragtag group of individuals brought together through odd circumstances and end up fighting a galaxy-wide battle.  Chris Pratt is wonderful, as always, but Bradley Cooper's voiceover work won the movie for me.  The music (also a plot point) is awesome '70s rock and perfectly adds to the scenes.  A perfect, fun, funny, action movie. (Currently in theaters).

All Is Lost // Robert Redford, on a sailboat.  That's the whole movie.  He barely speaks, there is not another soul in the entire film, and there is hardly any music.  Simply put, it's beautiful.  Immediately, the boat is struck by a rogue shipping container, putting a decent-sized hole in the side.  Redford's character works to repair the damage, but nature keeps working against him.  I was physically stressed out the whole movie.  It's a harrowing story and Redford owns the screen the entire time.  Fantastic. (Available on Netflix).


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