For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Finally, it's almost the weekend.  I've just been tired lately and need to catch up on some sleeping.  My soccer season also starts on Saturday and we may take a trip to the magical world of the Maryland Renaissance Fair.  Things could get weird.  

Let's read/listen to/look at fun stuff.

While I hate the phrase "skinny bitches", this song is catchy and I can never get enough of The Roots.

But let's talk about this cover right now because this girl's voice is insane.  All about that stand-up bass, indeed.

When did "basic" become a thing?  I pay no mind and I'll do all the fall activities I want to.

In case you missed it, it was New York Fashion Week.  Here's Elle's round-up of the best runway looks.

Need a new blog name?  Look no further.

Childish Gambino gives an incredibly interesting interview and then freestyles like whoa.

I struggle with this so much because the NFL is bullshit, but I still want to watch and root for my team.

Lena Dunham can write.  Like, this essay is everything.

Walter White is Ned Flanders.  Why didn't I see this?


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