Ode to Summer

When a winter is as long, as cold, and as unforgiving as last year's was, it makes summer seem like a far off dream that will never come true.  As it tends to do, summer did eventually come and it was glorious.

Summer was busy, filled with friends and laughter.  We watched our friends make adult decisions, whether it was saving up to buy a house or becoming husband and wife.  Old, good friends moved away and new friends were made.

We took trips, mostly home to see our families.  Those beaches that we grew up on felt smaller, but more familiar.

Weekends were packed, whether we were away for a wedding, throwing a pool party, or running around the city to get to the next thing on the list.

Evenings were lazy.  We grilled and drank wine.  We finally finished watching Breaking Bad.

Despite our best efforts, we couldn't fit in all of the things we wanted to do.  There are events we didn't get to, walks that we didn't take, and some of our favorite places will have to wait another year.


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