Four on Thursday

Last week it was gray, and this week I'm having a navy moment.  The weird thing is, I don't even try to have a theme for these posts.  It's just happening lately.

Black dominates my closet, especially in the colder months, but I want to branch out.  More navy.  It's a little warmer, a bit less harsh, and I just feel better in it.  

1 //  This coat, I don't know, I love the look of it, but have no idea how to wear it.  And it has a boxy fit, so I'd want to size down, but I just don't know.  Let's get real: I'd throw this over leggings and a white long-sleeved shirt.  And I'd look fly as hell.

2 //  Lace is a favorite of mine for fall.  We're all busy bundling up, so a little skin goes a long way.  This sweater manages to look both cozy and sexy, which is no small feat.

3 //  Sweaters from LL Bean are the BEST.  Like, the best quality you will ever find at a reasonable price.  Most LL Bean products are like that, but the sweaters, man, those are real sweaters.  These things are made in Maine.  They know what cold is.  This navy waffle is where it's at.

4 //  I'm always freezing.  For example, right now, it's September, and my office has the A/C cranked up, so I've got a blanket wrapped around my legs and am sitting on a heating pad.  Normal.  What do I do (and of course I mean what do I do when it's actually cold outside as opposed to this faux cold created by machines for no reason when it's a perfectly lovely temperature outside?!)?  I layer.  Turtlenecks are such an important part of that layering.  And this one is striped.  Striped, I tell you!


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