For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hands down, one of the best essays on race relations in America.

This Chris Rock interview has been floating around all week, but it's so, so good.

Also, his op-ed about being black in Hollywood is also a great read.

A look at how the NFL acts like a family, until they don't.

I love bookstores and love that The Strand is still going strong.

Speaking of books, The New York Times 100 Most Notable Books of the year is out and I've got some serious reading to do.

People aren't getting divorced.

We're all obsessed with Serial, which of course means there was backlash against it, and now there's backlash against the backlash.

W. Kamau Bell's essay on being big and black is powerful.

DJ Earworm's annual mash-up is here, but I suggest you just listen to Bruno Mars' new song on repeat.


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