Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
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[1]   If you've been checking out my recent outfit posts, it'll come as no surprise that I kept these suede over-the-knee boots and have been wearing them nonstop.  They are the perfect mix of comfortable and chic.  I was skeptical about the suede at first, but found that it adds some much-needed texture to my wardrobe.  Expect to see a lot more of these bad boys.  Result: Kept.

[2]  When it gets cold, the first thing I reach for are wool socks.  They're not the most fashionable thing in the world, but cold toes are the worst.  I needed to add a few more bucks to my Amazon order to get free shipping (yes, I need to just sign up for Prime already), and threw these in my cart.  I was pleasantly surprised at their quality.  These aren't a traditional wool sock.  They have way more stretch to them and the material is a bit thinner, which actually makes them more comfortable to wear with most of my boots.  Result: Kept.

[3]  Yes, this is a summer skirt, but sometimes buying things out of season gets you great prices.  And while this was on super sale and I did get an awesome deal on it, it was not worth it.  The material is super thin, incredibly sheer, and provided no coverage at all.  It was an odd length and the elasticized belt somehow was both too loose all around and too tight in the back.  Result: Returned.

[4]  I have a navy knit snood that I bought from Asos last year or the year before and I wear it all the time.  When I saw this finer knit one in a camel color, I knew it would go with everything in my closet and be nice and cozy.  The knit is great, the scarf is warm, and it matches everything.  I love how the scarf is twisted.  Result: Kept.

[5]  To start with, these were not advertised as being midi rings.  Yet they are.  I decided to go with it, trying them on, seeing how they felt.  Am I a midi ring person?  Can I pull these off?  Aren't they going to just fall off my fingers?  I tried it out for about an hour before I realized that my fingers were turning green from the cheap metal.  Not a great look, considering it took two days for the green to wear off after only an hour of wear.  Result: Returned.

[6]  The search for leather pants/coated denim continued with this pair from Banana Republic.  They look great online, not too shiny, with a great cut just at the top of the ankle.  In person, however, the material felt thin and cheap.  They looked ok on me, but I'm not going for just ok.  The journey for the perfect pair continues!  Result: Returned.

[7]  Black and white.  Windowpane print.  Wrap skirt.  These are all things that I wear and love.  I hoped this skirt would fit seamlessly into my closet, pairing well with every top and every shoe.  I was wrong.  I can't pinpoint what about this went wrong.  It just didn't feel like "me" when I put it on.  The skirt hit me at an unflattering point on my legs, making me look matronly.  The material was on the thin side and definitely would have required a slip underneath.  While I wanted to love this, I just didn't.  Result: Returned.

[8]  Black skinny denim is another item that had eluded me.  Why is it that the basics are so hard to find?  When I saw that this pair from the Gap was only $30, I scooped them right up.  I wanted them to work so badly!  The denim was so, so soft.  It felt amazing.  And the cut was awesome.  High-waisted, the hem just at my ankle.  These were the mom jeans I'd always dreamed of.  But the color.  Oh, the color.  I'm in the market for black denim.  Solid black.  And these were a washed black and were sort of black, but then faded into a dark grey on the thighs and even though they were this.close. to being perfect, I had to let them go.  Result: Returned.


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