For Your (Weekend) Consideration

51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature.  I cried, I admit it. (Thanks, Molly!)

Boogie Nights is a fantastic movie, full of amazing performances and awesome fashion.  Grantland has done an oral history of the movie, told by the people who made it happen.

Shonda Rhimes continues to be amazing.

Aaron Sorkin continues to be terrible.

Young people are flocking to cities, including some you may not expect.

Golden Globes! Tina and Amy! Full list of nominees!

These dudes have some great ideas about fashion.

NPR has gathered the best songs of 2014 and put together this great site where you can listen to them.  Just press play.

As someone who still has and uses her iPod classic (clickwheel for life), this makes me giggle.

They're remaking Stephen King's It.

The best Instagrams from Chanel in Salzburg.


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