Four on Thursday

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  The perfect base layer dress is right here.  Add a crisp button-up shirt underneath or a chunky knit sweater on top.  I love the simplicity and versatility of Alexander Wang's designs.  This dress would be an absolute workhorse and I'd wear it at least once a week.

2 //  When I get home from work, I usually throw on my Zella leggings (because they're the best), a t-shirt, and a sweater or sweatshirt of some kind.  This open cardigan would be the perfect addition to that round-up.  The pattern is fun, but the colors are neutral, so it would match everything while also adding some interest.  Perfectly cozy.

3 //  This sweater dress is awesome.  So chunky, so warm (looking), the perfect color palette, and with a turtleneck to boot.  It's perfect.  The price is a little steep, so wait for a code, which shows up at Banana Republic about every other day.  

4 //  These booties go against everything I believe in, but I love them anyway.  Having a cut-out bootie totally negates the whole concept of them keeping your feet warm (or being able to wear socks for that matter), but I can't help but keep these on my wishlist.  They're whimsical and fun, while also sort of being simple enough to wear every day.


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