Four on Thursday

Thursday already?  I'll take it.  

This week has been... weird.  I'm sick, but I'm trying to get back into a workout routine, while trying to get plenty of rest, while also trying to have a social life.  I probably need an x-ray on my ankle and I definitely need to up my vitamin C intake.  Can you drink too much tea?  How much yoga is too much yoga?

Basically, I'm a mess.  Luckily, my closet isn't.

Clockwise from Top Left

1 //  Marissa Webb is doing amazing things since taking over at Banana Republic.  The quality has gone way up and the styling is impeccable.  The individual pieces are still classics, but with a twist, like this cable-knit sweater with great zipper and faux leather details.  It's preppy without being obnoxious, classic without being dated.

2 //  Why save your whites for summer?  Whites in winter are fresh, clean, and often unexpected.  These pants would pair perfectly with a chunky knit, a tuxedo blazer, or a metallic top.  The slim fit leg will also be elongating when paired with a great heel.

3 //  You can't go wrong with a navy shift dress (Sidenote: I just typed "nazi shit dress", so I clearly need a nap), especially when it's designed by my spirit animal, Isaac Mizrahi.  The simple style, the clean lines, and the great color make this dress perfect for almost every occasion.  

4 //  I love the look of a marled sweater.  It's black, it's white, it's grey, it's all of the above.  The bracelet sleeves drive me a little bit crazy, but other than that, this sweater has things going for it.  And the price (use the sale code HOLIDAYFF) is really, really good.  


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