For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Yesterday's snow day, from my Instagram.

Lumbersexual?  Nah, I'm more into the lobstersexual.

Earth Day on the Mall: Fall Out Boy, Usher, AND No Doubt! Gwen Stefani, let's be bffs.

The Department of Justice released its report on Ferguson, MO.  The findings are unsurprising.

And yet, many city and court officials have not read it.

Police forces are turning into collection agencies.

Punishing our nation's poorest for being poor hardly seems like a solution.

Having just read Dark Places, the trailer for the movie looks awesome and the cast is SO GOOD.

Hillary's email "scandal" isn't really a scandal.

And to end on a happy note, dozens of small people protested on the Hill yesterday and it was awesome. #SledFreeOrDie


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