For Your (Weekend) Consideration

So much good internet this week!

In case you missed it, even though I'm sure you didn't, there is a Zoolander sequel coming to a theater near you and they announced it in the most amazing way possible.

These women of the Supreme Court in Lego form are the best things ever.  Yet Lego rejected them because it was too "political".  Bad move on their part.

As someone who watches both RHOBH and VanderPump Rules, this article about eating at all three of Lisa VanderPump's restaurants had me giggling uncontrollably.

I recently started watching Broad City and it is just delightful.  Vulture has an awesome article with the show's stars and creators.

Despite the fact that Grantland neglected to even mention Love and Basketball, I do like their take on the greatest fictional basketball player of all time.

C-Span has an amazing series on the First Ladies of the United States.  Very worth checking out.

Want to run an inn in Maine?  All you need to do is write a 200-word essay.

Examining the myth of the "superhuman" black person.

Things like these are why I hate technology.  Giving me major 1984 vibes.

We all had a crush on Andrew Keegan.  Camp Nowhere, am I right?  I would totally follow a religion with him as my guru.  Apparently so would many others.

An oral history of Mad Men.  I'm excited for the final seven episodes and hope it ends in a smart way that represents how great the show has been.

National Geographic looks at why even reasonable people are rejecting science.  Will this lead to eve more of a push towards STEM education?

"Between 60 to 80 percent of migrant women and girls are raped on their journey" to cross the southern border of the US.  And yet religious groups who offer these women help want to deny them emergency contraception or pregnancy referrals.

Female serial killers fascinate me.  I have a theory that their numbers are so low because most of them don't get caught.  A recent study has profiled the 64 known female serial killers in the US.

Corporate profits are at an all-time high, yet the middle class is shrinking and the poor are only getting poorer.  This explains why.

The US as foods.  I want to live in Nutellaware.


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