For Your (Weekend) Consideration

In addition to bridesmaid dress shopping, I think we should have giant margaritas too.

You guys, patios are slowly starting to open.  That means it's time for day-drinking in the District.

Are you an SVU fan?  These are their stories.

Finally, someone else who hates all the fake national holidays!

Now this is what I call a lobster roll.

I'm shy.  I hate talking to people I don't know.  This article was really helpful.

You may have heard that Oklahoma is trying to "edit" the AP History test because it paints America in a bad light.  Or a truthful one, but who's counting?  A 38-year-old man takes the test.

Why Alabama Sucks or Why Endowments are Horrible.  I can't decide.

In one of the most liberal states in the country, they can't even pass abortion rights.  I'm so glad all these old, white, wealthy men are in charge of my body.

Kyle Chandler is my favorite.  I've been watching him since Early Edition.  And his new show, Bloodline, premieres on Netflix today.  Also starring Sissy Spacek, Linda Cardellini, and Sam Shepard (among countless others), the cast is incredible and I hope the show lives up to their talents.

Finally, I haven't watched The Jinx yet, but after all of the insanity that has unfolded, it's at the top of my list.


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