Recent Purchases

It's been awhile since I did one of these round-ups.  I guess my shopping has taken a downward turn.  That's what happens when you have almost 10 weekends of travel plans coming up!

Recent Purchases

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[1]  Remember way back in November, when I hypothesized that I would obsess over this dress and then finally buy it when it went on sale and then be completely disappointed?  That is EXACTLY what happened.  I just know myself too damn well.  The dress was less black and white and more black and light yellow, which was not a good look.  Also, I ordered a size up and the dress was still super body-consciously tight.  Result: Returned. (Only available in 0, similar here or here.)

[2]  The Outnet is having a major clearance sale and I snagged a couple pieces at really good prices, including this striped top.  I've worn it once already, so it's definitely a keeper.  The cotton is thicker than I expected, but it was actually a pleasant surprise as I find that thicker cottons tend to last longer and not get pilly or thinned in the wash.  And you know that I never met a stripe I didn't like.  Result: Kept. (Sold out, but similar here.)

[3]  This fur scarf was another one of my Outnet purchases (and it's now even further reduced!).  Even though I'm dreaming of summer, I couldn't pass up such a good deal on a scarf that will be perfect for next fall and winter.  It's long enough to actually keep me warm and I plan on wearing it over both sweaters and coats, just to change up their look a bit.  Result: Kept. (Sold out, but similar here.)

[4]   Black denim is one of those things that I've been having a difficult time finding.  These jeans looked perfect (and are the same style as another recent favorite pair), so I was cautiously optimistic.  They arrived and they were perfect... except they showed up in the wrong size.  The waist was 3 times larger than my normal size, so they were pretty much falling off of me.  I exchanged them for what will hopefully be my real size, so fingers crossed!  Result: Exchanged.

[5]  Bathing suit season!  I can't wait to spend my weekends at our pool and am slowly realizing that I need some major upgrades in the bikini department.  Most of my tops no longer fit me and my bottoms have seen better days.  A solid black bottom is a staple and will go with almost any top.  These are a great material and the perfect basic.  They were a bit snug on me, so I exchanged for the next size up and think those will be the one.  Result: Exchanged.


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