For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Ralph Steadman illustrates Breaking Bad characters and it is perfect.

Monica Lewinsky is returning to the limelight and I respect the way she is going about it.

Just wow.

Luckily, I work out at studios that are mostly women, so I don't run into this problem, but here's how men should talk to women at the gym.  Hint: don't.

Dark Lord Funk is not something I knew I needed, but I did.

This blog post is brutally honest and kickstarts an imperative conversation.

Fran Lebowitz is cranky as hell and I love it.

Mother Jones takes an in-depth look at Miriam Carey, the woman who was gunned down at the Capitol  in 2013.

First and last frames from 55 movies.

As someone who is ambivalent about having kids, this was a fascinating read.

This dance scenes from movies mash-up made me so, so happy.


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