Foggy Beach Day

Sweater: LOFT (sold out, similar); Tank: Banana Republic (similar); Shorts: Asos (similar); Necklace: Rosie & Rockers (similar); Earrings: J. Crew Factory (old, similar); Shades: Ray Ban

After our friends' wedding a couple weeks ago, DT and I shot up to Maine for the rest of our long weekend.  My family does a little reunion party every summer and it had been 4 or 5 years since I'd last been able to make it, so I was psyched that we would be around this year.

The party was great, as always.  There's tons of food, adult beverages, a million adorable children running around, and a horseshoe tournament.  It's an all-around pretty awesome day.

One of the other days, it was dreary and cool out, but DT and decided to take a walk on the beach just to get out of the house for a bit.  It was super foggy and you could barely see in front of you.  Obviously, that was super cool, so we started taking photos.  While we were shooting these pictures, all of the fog blew away and burned off.  It was eerie how fast it happened.  Suddenly, we could see the length of the beach that had all been hidden.


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