The Weekly Wishlist

4 day week!  I'm off to Boston/Maine/New Hampshire/Maine/Boston again early tomorrow morning because as one of my friends recently put it, "you commute to DC from New England".  

This summer, it doesn't seem like she's wrong about that.

My family has been doing this hiking trip in the White Mountains basically forever.  Well, for 41 years.  And we're celebrating the 40th anniversary (a year late, that's how we roll), by renting out Zealand Falls Hut and inviting everyone who has ever come on a hiking trip to come and hang out in the Falls and stay in the hut and tell all their favorite hiking stories and drink whiskey.  It's going to be magical.  

Can I do hiking outfits as blog posts?  Because I might.  But in fancier clothing, here are these:

1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6

GapFit Breathe Stripe Tank, on sale $21.99 plus 40% off w/ code HAPPY - More workout clothes please!  The way I choose workout clothes is pretty simple:  is it white, black, navy, or gray?  Then I'll take it.  This tank has the audacity to be both white and navy.  And it's also about $14.

LOFT Relaxed Cargo Pants, $69.50 - I thought that cargo pants and I had split for good after 7th grade, but this pair is making me reconsider our relationship.  Can I pull these off?  Are they even my style any more?  Am I holding on to something that ended for a good reason?  The only way I'll know is to try them on and see where we go from there. (I can't believe I just treated a pair of cargo pants like an ex-boyfriend.  I blame a lack of sleep.)

Lands' End 5-Pocket Jean Skirt in Flax, $49.50 - Speaking of a blast from the past, denim skirts!  They're back!  I like this one in white denim.  It's simple and clean.  Good lines on this one.  I might start wearing it everywhere.  Work, weekends, weddings.  Hopefully kidding about that last one.

Whistles Tillie Strappy Dress via Shopbop, on sale $77.50 - A pretty navy dress with a cool layered hem for less than $80.  Me gusta.

Banana Republic Woven Beach Blanket, on sale $45.99 plus 40% off w/ code BRGO -  Our beach towel collection needs some updating.  I love Turkish towels, but who are these people spending upwards of $75 per towel?  That's nonsense.  BR has this knockoff version in a great color combination and striped pattern.

Iris & Ink Ribbed Knit Tunic, $170 - Ok, yes, this tunic is expensive.  And a sleeveless sweater is sort of an oxymoron.  But I don't care, I love it anyway.  It makes me think of fall layering and cozy knits and crunchy leaves underfoot and spiked apple cider.  Please go on sale!


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