Needful Things: The White Blazer

Needful Things: The White Blazer
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Row 2:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Row 3:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Ah, the elusive perfect white blazer.  So simple, yet so hard to find.

It matches everything.  It can be worn all four seasons (yes, it can).  It's dressy enough for work.  It adds that oomph of polish to an everyday outfit.  It's the unicorn of basics.

I'm looking for something probably in a crepe or a more structured cotton.  No linen here.

Full length sleeves.  I can always push or roll them up.

I'm not picky on the collar, regular or shawl styles work for me.

Probably something slightly longer than traditional length.

And white.  Not cream, not off-white, but white.

Mural's Slouchy Boyfriend cut (Row 1, #1) is leading the pack right now.  It's a slightly less fitted style, but I love the look and the longer length.  It's also $74.

Asos also has some tempting options, like their Tailored Blazer (Row 3, #3) at $81 and the Slim Jacket in Crepe (Row 1, #4) at $76.

And then there's the Theory blazer (Row 2, #2) that's 50% off retail price and has the most beautiful detailing on the back.

Decisions, decisions...


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