For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Finally, finally! A weekend with no travel, no obligations, and no plans.

This summer has been absolutely insane with trips and parties and family events and a million other things.  It will be nice to have the next few weeks off from all that before everything gets nuts again in the fall (3 weddings in a six-week period - Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia).  

Life is great, but I need a nap.

36 Hours in Burlington, Vermont.  This isn't how I spent most of my weekends in college, but it still sounds like a good time :)

Gloucester, MA has been trying out a program where they help drug users get into treatment rather than arrest them.  While it's early, things look promising.

If you've seen or are planning to see Straight Outta Compton, know that there is a story that was neglected from the film.

These photos (not to mention the outfit) are stunning.

Who doesn't love a good personality test?

Another thing to worry about if you're having surgery.

15 men were asked to respond to the concept of taking their wife's name after marriage.  Is this satire?  Because wow.

Have a great weekend!


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