For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hello from Maine!  Or the car.  Or the airplane, depending on how early you're reading this.

I'm in New England for an extra long weekend for some major family time.  Could not be happier.

Pennsylvania Avenue, July 2012

Rose McGowan is calling out the film industry for their sexist behavior.  

Bernie Sanders, shamelessly pandering to those Americans who want to hear the truth.  Outrageous!

A long read in The Atlantic about the coddling that many college students are demanding.  While safe spaces are a wonderful concept, how far is too far in censoring what we see, discuss, or read in class?

Pretty, pretty pictures.  Stunning shots from cinematic history.

Ever wanted to get a degree in Men's Studies?  Now you can!  

Katie Armour discussed Serena & Lily's fall fashion line on her gorgeous blog this week, and I couldn't help but share this shirtdress.  Please go on sale.

Have a great weekend!  Even though I'm away the beginning of next week, I've got posts lined up to keep you entertained!


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