Recent Purchases

Between the #NSale and Athleta's recent sale, I did some damage.  I always seem to forget that July is prime shopping season.  Note for next year: save up!

Recent Purchases

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[1] Sentry Tie Sweatshirt - This is a great, lightweight topper for going to and from your workout.  The black & white color combo is also a favorite of mine.  Result: Kept.

[2] Studio Striped Boatneck - I was so looking forward to this top, but unfortunately, it just didn't fall right on me.  The collar was odd-looking and I didn't care for the fabric either.  But the pattern, so good!  Result: Returned.

[3] Fuse Sweatshirt - Another one that fell short of my expectations, this sweatshirt was not flattering on my body.  The material was also strange, with an almost scuba or neoprene feel to it.  Result: Returned.

[4] Essence Low Arm Tank - I grabbed this in gray and may go back for other colors.  It's super lightweight and incredibly comfortable.  So far, I've worn it to both barre and to spin and it's been a great piece.  Result: Kept.

[5] Zella Live-In Leggings - I've mentioned my love of Zella leggings several times before, and that love remains.  I bought another pair of my standbys, this time in navy.  After a quick try-on and a check to make sure nothing was see-through, these immediately went into the "keep" pile.  Result: Kept.

[6] J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans - Black denim has been on my list forever, but I haven't had any luck.  I bought two pairs from the #NSale, one splurge and one save.  These, even on sale, were the splurge.  And of course, the material was super soft and the cut was incredibly flattering.  Even with their still-high price tag, I couldn't send these back.  Result: Kept.

[7] Zella Live-In Leggings in Black Speed - Another pair of Zellas, I know.  I loved the print of these ones, with the bold colors and fun stripes.  While the fit was perfect (as usual) and the print was really fun, I couldn't justify these budget-wise.  Result: Reluctantly Returned.

[8] Nike Internationalist Sneaker - I went back and forth on these.  Did I like them?  Yes.  Did they fit?  Yes.  Could I see myself wearing them?  Definitely.  Finally, I just gave in and decided to make them mine.  Result: Kept.

[9] Wit & Wisdom Super Smooth Stretch Skinny Jeans - This brings us to the other pair of black denim I bought.  These were cute, but the material was coarser than the J. Brand pair.  They also didn't flatter my shape as much.  Result: Returned.

[10] Exertion Bralette - Workout gear seems to be the front-runner here.  Lots of it.  I needed a sturdier sports bra and liked the look of this one.  It fits great, gives me plenty of support, and I like anything with anti-stink technology.  Less laundry!  Result: Kept.

[11] Gracia Eyelet Deep V Midi Dress - I bought this on a whim after seeing it at MyHabit.  It just looked so pretty.  I'm happy to say that prettiness translates in person.  It needs a few alterations, but I'm really excited to have such a gorgeous dress in my closet.  Result: Kept.


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