For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Weekend!  Thank god, this 5-day work week killed me.

Plans?  I'm hoping for a quiet night in tonight, and a big day tomorrow with an early spin class, some pool time with girlfriends, and then a suburban shopping spree.  When you don't have a car and then you have access to one, the first place you want to go is to Target.  Duh.

Westport, July 2013

Ian McShane was just cast in the new season of Game of Thrones.  DT and I are still (still!) working our way through Deadwood, and McShane is incredible.  Can't wait to see what he brings to GoT.

John Oliver tackled the issue of DC's statehood (or, I should say, lack thereof) on his show and it's both educational and entertaining.

The perfect distressed moto jeans for under $70.

The New Yorker has a telling piece on former police officer Darren Wilson.

Elizabeth Warren continues to be amazing, kicking ass and taking names.  And also making great points.  Seriously, what year do these people think it is?

Own your RBF.  I know I do.'

I've been going to Biker Barre a LOT lately and want to let you know that they're having a summer deal where you can get one month of unlimited classes (both bike and barre classes) for $175 (regularly $250!).  Use code SUMMER15.


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