Red Alert

Well, that was quite the weekend!

Who wants a recap?

Wednesday I got out of work early (hooray!) so DT and I hit up happy hour at Hank's on the Hill with a friend.  Good drinks, good food, good prices, and a mustache movie marathon.  What else do you want on Thanksgiving Eve?

Thanksgiving Day started with a spin class at Biker Barre.  In fact, every morning this weekend started that way.  Gotta use up those classes before they expire!  Afterwards, I came home and prepped for Thanksgiving dinner.  I made a cranberry, brie, and caramelized onion tart.  It was tasty, but messy.  

We had dinner at a friend's parents' house.  It was lovely - very low-key with a good group of people.  Since this was my first time ever not being home for the holiday, it was nice to be with another family.

When we got home, DT and I dug into our Patriots aka sandwiches made from leftovers and watched Everest, where I may or may not have cried the entire time.  

Friday was another workout, a lazy afternoon, and then a trip to Miracle on 7th Street!  The line wasn't too bad (we also sort of cut) so we were in fairly quickly.  The first bar (Eat the Rich) was Stranger Things themed and amazing, but it was too crowded to get a drink, so we walked through to Southern Efficiency.  That bar was decorated like a classic Christmas - lots of evergreen garlands. 

We grabbed a cocktail there - I had the "Gretchen, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen", which was made with sherry, curacao, and sparkling wine.  After a bit, we popped next door to Mockingbird Hill for another cocktail.  This time I had a different one that was dark rum based.  Also good.  FYI - All three bars have the same cocktail menu. 

Overall, it was gimmicky and fun, but I don't think I'd make a second visit.  

Saturday was super lazy, but I did manage to make it out for dumplings, bao, and cocktails at Copycat, one of my favorites on H St.  Their cocktails right now are all apple-based and so, so good.

Sunday was a Bubbles & Bloggers brunch, hosted by Dani, who manages to organize so many fun events and always looks great doing it.  It was the perfect way to cap off a long, busy, but relaxing weekend.  

Sweater: G/F via Refine Boutique (similar here or here); Tee: J. Crew (old, similar); Denim: J. Brand; Boots: Timberland (similar); Bag: Longchamp; Shades: Ray Ban


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