For Your (Weekend) Consideration

I wanted to start off this week's reading list on a personal note.  I can say that the past two weeks have been exhausting in many ways, but also invigorating.  This is not turning into a political blog, but I cannot ignore the things that are happening in this country.  It's safe to say you can determine which way I lean, but I'm open to any and all discussions that you want to have.  We have an executive branch that is dangerous, but we also have millions of people who are resisting and fighting against it.  I've never seen so many people so involved in the political process.  Seeing photos from the Women's March and then from the No Ban No Wall marches is truly inspiring to me.  If you hate the political stuff, feel free to skip over it.  I'm making an effort to keep you informed of what's happening and also give you some distractions in the form of pretty clothes or funny videos.  In between being fired up, we can all use some levity.


A suggestion for all the lawmakers who want to restrict or ban abortion - talk to some of the women in this country who have had one.

The Outnet's weekend sale gives you an extra 30% off already discounted designer pieces.  Take all of my money.

The line between church and state is becoming increasingly blurry.

Grace's blogging tips are seriously awesome.  Bookmark this one for future use.

In both fashion AND political news, Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's brand.  Yet another reason to spend all your money there.

Women are fighting the good fight.


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