That Time We Got Married: Part Three

Ok, back to wedding photos!  We've got a few more of these posts to go, stick with me!

After our beach ceremony and our photo shoot, we shot over to the Inn on Shipyard Park for what we called our "rehearsal dinner" even though we had already done the damn thing.

Photo by Robert Doherty Jr.

Photo by Robert Doherty Jr.

Our extended families were there, along with our best friends.  It was as small as we could make it (we both have big families) so we were able to talk with everyone and our families were able to mingle.

We kept it pretty casual with a barbecue dinner.  What can I say, marriage makes me crave pulled pork.

Various family members had met before, but it was great to have everyone in one room, all together.

Photo by Robert Doherty Jr.

There was lots of laughter, lots of wine, and lots of food.  Everything you need for a good time.

This was also where we heard all the toasts.  My favorite part!

Photo by Robert Doherty Jr.

Dan's parents' spoke, as did my uncle, Bubba, and my two best friends.  I laughed, I cried, it was everything.

Dan's aunts and uncles even made some impromptu toasts, which was lovely and hilarious.  And then his cousin Bryn sang Skinny Love for us and I lost my shit.

It was such an awesome night and again, like our ceremony, just what we wanted it to be.

After dinner, we ended up at the bar for a bit.  There may have been shots involved.

And we headed back to New Bedford to meet up with other friends who had gotten in that day.

Luckily, there are no pictures from that portion of the night!

I can't thank DT's parents enough for throwing this dinner.  It set the tone for the rest of the weekend in such a fun way.

Next week - our reception!  And I'm wearing a different dress there, so there's that to look forward to!

All photos by Doug Levy unless otherwise noted.  Again, he's the best, hire him for everything.


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