The Weekly Wishlist

We've hit mid-February, which is when I am officially done with winter, even though I'm sure winter is far from done with me.  Like, my brain knows there are a few more weeks of layers and long-sleeves and bundling up, but my heart wants open-toed sandals and pastels and bare skin.  So today I'm giving you a little bit of both!

The Weekly Wishlist

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Loft Spotted Funnel Neck Coat, final sale $149.88 plus 50% off at checkout - Is everyone else as sick of their coats as I am?  A bright color or a fun print is just the pick-me-up I need to get out of this rut.  This coat is the latter, but I think with the color palette, you could actually wear this as more of a neutral.  And that funnel neck will keep you warm until spring does come!

Hinge Strap Back Sweater, on sale $47.40 - Again, we're slowly moving away from winter.  A sweater keeps you cozy, but a slightly exposed back screams warmer weather.  I love the detail here.

Asos Lounge Knitted Dress with Elasticized Waist, on sale $37 - Honestly, this just looks super cozy and they had me at "elasticized waist".

Asos Bright Brocade Clutch Bag, $28 - Now we're talking!  I know I'm usually all about neutrals, but warm weather is the perfect time to bust out something bright and bold like this clutch.  I would wear this to all the weddings, brunches, events, etc.

Off the Shoulder Woven Blouse, on sale $34.30 - Yes, I'm still trying to make off-the-shoulder happen for myself, despite knowing better.  I'll either find the one magical top that works (maybe this one?) or I'll improve my posture.  One of those is way more likely than the other.

Sam Edelman Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal, $119.95 - These sandals are awesome.  They come in one thousand colors (slight exaggeration) from neutrals to brights.  I may end up buying myself more than one pair of these.


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