Recent Purchases

Hi there!  I'm fast-forwarding through some past purchases to bring you my recent haul from Old Navy & Banana because last time I waited to share things in chronological order and everything was sold out by the time I told you about it!  So, we're jumping the line a bit to share all these beautiful blue and black pieces with you.

Recent Purchases

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Ruffled Off-the-Shoulder Tencel Shift Dress - I keep trying to make off-the-shoulder work on me and it keeps chewing me up and spitting me out.  The problem is that I have horrendous posture and the style emphasizes how rounded my shoulders are.  That said, this dress was super soft and if you have non-hunchback posture, I'd highly recommend it for spring.  Result: Returned.

Go Dry Mid-Rise Textured Print Compression Leggings - Is it bad that I'm a total Old Navy workout gear convert?  Take these leggings for example.  They're basic, but with some edge to them with the textured detail.  They're super comfortable and not see-through, my biggest pet peeve.  Result: Kept.

Go Dry Mesh Cool Trim Support Tank - This tank top on the other hand, didn't quite make the cut.  The style is great, the material is nice, but the fit was off.  It was really, really tight, which I would normally fix by just sizing up.  However, the support cups in the bra portion of the top were oddly bright against the whiteness of the top, so it looked like I was wearing literal headlights.  Not a good look on anyone.  Result: Returned.

Stitch Detail Flannel Dress - I've been on a work dress binge.  Maybe because I'm old now and feel like I should dress for it?  Anyway, I loved the lines on this dress and the color, which makes it look like chambray, when it's actually flannel.  It was beautiful in person and felt nice, but the fit was way too.  It was tight in the arms and super loose in the waist.  Bummer.  Result: Returned.

Tie-Waist Jumpsuit - Do I need this?  No.  Is it so comfortable and soft that I felt like I was wearing pajamas?  Yes.  Am I keeping it?  Hell yes.  Result: Kept.

Sculpt Skinny High Rise Ankle Jean - A good jean is hard to find.  Where my Flannery O'Connor fans at?  Ok, I digress.  But when you find a pair of jeans that fit you right, you buy them.  Honestly, but 3 pairs of them if you can.  These jeans have a great fit, although I'd call them more of a mid-rise than a high-rise.  But they hit me on the perfect spot on my ankle.  Ideal for wearing with flats.  Result: Kept.

Chambray Cocoon Dress - When will I learn that these shapeless sack dresses don't fall on my body correctly?  Apparently never, because I ordered this one knowing that would be the case.  When I tried it on, in the biggest non-surprise ever, it was totally unflattering.  I want this easy style of dress to work on me so badly and just need to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't.  If you're skinny and flat-chested, this dress would be perfect on you.  Let me know all the fun ways you wear it.  Result: Returned.


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