The Weekly Wishlist

Happy Thursday kiddos!  We're almost at the end of another week.  I am very much looking forward to the weekend and all of the relaxation that it brings.

It's now February, which means that we only have about 2 more months of cold winter weather.  With that in mind, I'm keeping an eye on all things spring.  We've got a mix of things today to get you through that last bit of cold and carry you on through to warmer and sunnier weather.

The Weekly Wishlist

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English Factory V Neck Sweater, $80 - Sleeves are the new statement necklace.  It's all about the sleeve details.  Bell sleeves, lace-ups, ruffled cuffs, it's all in.  This sweater has a balloon sleeve and a bonus choker built in.  No jewelry required.  Comes in three shades, but I'm partial to the gray.  Neutrals forever.

Asos Delicate Lace Top w/ Ruffle, on sale $33 - Romantic blouses have been taking over my shopping carts, which is super bizarre and not usually my style, but I'm going with it.  This one is gorgeous black lace, with a strategically placed ruffle.  I'd likely still wear a camisole underneath, but you do you.

Agnelle Two Tone Wool Blend and Leather Gloves, on sale $52 - We've almost reached the point where I'm sick of wearing black every day (I mean, not realllly, but I need a break every once in awhile).  This brightly colored pair of gloves is a fun and easy way to add some kapow to your commuting outfit.  

Vince Draped Wool and Cashmere Blend Cardigan, on sale $197 - Vince makes my favorite sweaters.  They're also stupid expensive, so I try to buy them on deep discount or at consignment stores.  This isn't a bad price for a wool/cashmere cardigan, but I'll likely wait to see if it drops any more.  A neutral open cardigan is a workhorse in your closet, so why not have a top quality one?

Old Navy Double Strap Sandal, $19.94 -  Dreaming of summer?  These simple sandals are perfect for releasing your toes into the wild.  I love their simplicity - it's very Greek.  They are available in 5 colors and I might scoop up more than one pair.

Asos Slim Coat w/ Pocket Detail, $113 - I'm seeing pink coats every where and despite my usual feelings on the color, I want one.  It's such a pretty way to head into spring when you still need a coat, but want the world to know you're ready for it.  The slim cut of this coat would likely be flattering, but I'd wait for a price slash or a coupon code.


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