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50 Things to Eat in DC Before You Die.  I've actually had quite a few of these, but I'm happy to work through the rest of it.

Lemonade didn't win Album of the Year, but Beyonce won something much bigger.  I'm a huge Adele fan and think she's fantastic, but Lemonade was an experience.  It was beautiful, heart-breaking, genre-making visual poetry.  It wasn't for me, and that's ok.

Free online Ivy League classes.  For those of us who would happily stay in school forever.

Crystalin's blog is one of my favorites and her dressing room diaries are such good and informative posts!

Keeping up with everything that comes out of the White House is exhausting, but this Politico article still shocks me, a week after it was published.

Nordstrom is having a K-Beauty Pop-up Shop and I have way too many things in my cart right now :)

Nighttime voice mails from the White House.  Not totally sure it's satire at this point, but damn, it's good.

Omaze has an awesome "Nevertheless, she persisted" t-shirt and the proceeds go to The United State of Women.  I love fashion for a great cause!


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