Nighttime Skin Care Routine

You saw my morning routine, so now let's find out what I do at night!

First, there are a few more products than there are in the morning, but luckily, I don't use all of them every night.  Simplicity!

After I've washed my face (Cetaphil again), if I wore heavier than usual makeup or mascara that day, I'll swipe it off with Rimmel's makeup remover.  It's efficient, very gentle, and doesn't irritate my skin, even around my eyes.

Next, I move onto the most important past - the eyes.  Or, the nipples of the face.  Bonus points for anyone who gets that quote :)  Using my ring fingers, I dab eye cream along the edges, focusing on the under-eye area and where I know my crow's feet are just waiting to come out.

Also, it's impossible to do this without looking like your hands are claws.

Next, I treat my trouble spots (mostly chin and forehead) with Retinol.  Definitely talk with your dermatologist before using a Retinol product because it can be harsh on your skin.  Also, you must must must wear sunscreen if you're using Retinol.  It makes your skin highly sensitive to the sun.  All of that said, it's really cleared up my skin and prevented breakouts.

My skin is always dry in the winter, so I like to use a face oil at night, sometimes on its own and sometimes mixed with a moisturizer. The Tarte Maracuja Oil smells heavenly and provides some much needed moisture.

Now for the fun stuff.  Once or twice a week, I like to bust out this pore refining mask.  It makes your face feel suuuuper tight as it dries, but once its washed off, my skin feels super soft and my pores definitely appear smaller.

And for those times where I feel like my skin needs a total reset, I'll layer on this beauty sleeping mask by Shiseido.  Put it on with the handy applicator before bed and sleep with it on.  In the morning, you'll look refreshed and radiant.  Seriously, this always makes my skin look brighter the next day.

And that's it!  Fresh, clean skin!  Let me know if you have any questions or any recommendations for products you like!


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