Currently Reading: The Wasp Factory

"Currently" seems a little misleading as I finished this book on the bus this morning, but it's close enough.  Augh, I don't really know what to do with this one.  The story is about a seventeen year old Scottish boy who lives with his father on an island, and his brother, who has just escaped an insane asylum.  While I was reading it, I didn't enjoy it.  The first person narrative drove me a little bit crazy because Frank, the narrator, constantly tells the reader that he is sane, when he is clearly off his rocker.  He gave me a Holden Caulfield vibe, and Catcher in the Rye is one of my least favorite books of all time, which I'm sure lead to my initial dislike of the book.  After finishing it this morning and giving it a little more thought, it might be a book I have to go back to and spend more time on.  There is a huge twist at the very end of the novel that I didn't see coming, but then the novel just ends, with no resolution of that big twist.  It is definitely worth a second reading to see if there were any hints (I'm sure there were).  

Side note: DT thinks I should analyze these books like I did in college, and I am tempted to.  However, I am incredibly out of practice and taking up that task seems pretty daunting right about now.  What do you think - smarter, longer, English major-y analysis? Or just a quick plot synopsis and whether I recommend it? 


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