Currently Reading: The Giant's House

I heard about this book somewhere when I was reading about first novels, and this was mentioned as one the author considered underrated.  After reading it, all I have to say is that if this was her first novel, I have to read what she has written since.  The story is about a lonely librarian and the boy she meets, who is a giant (he eventually grows over eight feet tall).  This is one of the sweetest, oddest, saddest, most beautiful love stories that I've read.  It manages to be funny, poignant, and sensational all at once.  Both main characters feel out of place in the world, one physically and the other emotionally, but they manage to find one another.  Still, there is something innately sad about two people coming together only because they have no other options.  Regardless, I really enjoyed it and think it would make a great beach read, so check it out!    


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