Four on Thursday

Another week of summer almost gone.  Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by the older you get?  When I was a kid, summers lasted an eternity and it seemed like the school year was always soooo far away.  Now, I blink, and all of a sudden its fall again.  It makes a girl a little frazzled.  Hence, my picks this week are all over the board, with summery stuff, fall items, leather, suede, and linen.  It's a little schizophrenic, but just go with it.


H&M Bag in Green, $24.95

One of my fall items.  The green color is great and will match well with all of the burgundy I plan on wearing.  The shape is somewhere between a bowling bag and a satchel, but I like that it is still ladylike.  This could be a potential casual Friday work bag for me. 

H&M Shoes in Green, $24.95

More green!  I don't know what it is, but I'm drawn to the greens for the fall.  These pumps have a low, walkable heel, which is perfect for me (who can't wear anything over 3'' for more than ten minutes).  The imitation suede gives them some texture and contrast.  And they almost match the bag.  Just trying to coordinate outfits in my head, no big deal.


Ella Moss Ruched Notch Neck Striped Tunic in Chili Navy, on sale $44.90

Now, $45 is not what I would normally spend on a top like this, but I'm tempted here because it is made by Ella Moss, who is known for her combination of style and comfort.  The material is probably super soft and comfy, plus you know I never met a stripe I didn't like.  The notch neckline is cute and the longer tunic length makes it great for a beach cover up now and to be worn over leggings when the weather cools down.  Transition piece!


J. Crew Provence Stripe Tunic, on sale $34.99

This is not a transition piece, but I'm very ok with that.  How many striped tunics does one girl need?  All of them, the correct answer is all of them.  But honestly, this is adorable.  The sleeveless shirt dress cut is classic, but the stripes and tie-waist belt modernize it.  My plan is to wear this straight from the beach to the Back Eddy, sit outside on the docks with a cocktail, and watch the sunset.


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